Film slave volunteers

So you wanna be a movie star?

The purpose of this blog is to hopefully save some of you who are reading it from volunteering to take part in filming with me, only to be told that you need to meet me first – usually by visiting me for private sessions or occasionally by attending specially arranged ‘new slave’ filming days where theĀ attendees make a financial contribution towards the production costs.

I’m approached several times each week by people I don’t know volunteering their services, and whilst I do really appreciate the gesture, unfortunately I decline these offers – as mentioned clearly on my FAQ page. I have learnt through many years of experience that I prefer to shoot clips with people I already know, because of the vastly varying results of filming with people I’ve never met before.

Whilst I’ve obviously had times when filming with people who are new to me has been fun and rewarding, the negative experiences range from the simple no-show to the paralytic drunk, and in between there have been various stages of unsuitability, crossed wires and lack of rapport. When I film with somebody I have already played with on a number of occasions we both know the score, can bounce off each other and can usually produce content which is fun for both of us to participate in. That in itself is reason enough to only shoot with my own subs but added to that, I also believe that after they’ve invested their time and money to serve me, it’s the least I can do to give them preference for filming if they wish to participate.

I fully appreciate and understand that not everybody can afford the luxury of private sessions, or perhaps are only into filmed scenes, but happily for me I’m in a situation where I have plenty of subs who have expressed an interest in taking part in filming and don’t need to cast my net any further at the moment. My subs have a multitude of specialities which cover all the areas I’m particularly into, so unless you have an ass like a wizard’s sleeve which I can pull solid gold coins out of at will, it’s unlikely your particular skill will make me want to go against years of experience and take a chance on you. Yes – even you, the guy who claims he can self-fellate to the balls šŸ˜‰

Thanks for reading!