Seeing new subs again from the end of May

Starting from 27th May 2019 I will have time to see a select few more subs again, so I shall be opening my session applications back up.

As my time remains limited, requests will not be responded to if they:

  • aren’t detailed enough about your interests for me to decide whether we are a good match
  • read as though they have been cut and pasted to every Dominatrix in the country
  • don’t give me an idea of your available dates or travel arrangements (particularly if you are contacting me from outside of the UK)
  • demonstrate in any way that you haven’t read my session information and FAQs (e.g. by listing session interests which I have stated I don’t participate in under any circumstances – smoking fetishists, I’m looking at YOU!)
  • contain attempts to haggle over session tributes (these are clearly stated in my FAQs and are non-negotiable – if you can’t afford to visit me, please wait until you can before you get in touch)
  • in any other way make me not want to reply/see you (i.e. rudeness, unsafe activity requests, previous bad form)

You can apply for a session with me at

I look forward to meeting some of you in my dungeon over the coming months!